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Container shipment from China

  China is a country which produce a great amount of different products. Goods can be transported from China to Russian customers by sea, railway and auto. Any of mentioned transportation types provide the safest delivery in containers. This option is most logical and favorable. Choosing container transportation owners of cargo want to receive it safe at the final destination point, at the same time they are not paying much.Container delivery provides maximum level ofprotection when the cargo handling and transportation. First of all cargo will be counted, weighed and documented before loading.After that, containerwill be sealed, eliminating the possibility of damage and theft.

  LLC Mosalians organize container transportation from China and other countries: Taiwan. Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea and USA. Sea container transportation is the less expensive type of delivery which makes it even more popular.

LCL transportation from china

    LCL transportation profitable and promising services in the freight market, it greatly reduces the financial cost of transporting small loads. In this case the real price of container transportation from China costs less. You are paying only for the space which your cargo takes. LCL delivery is impossible without consolidation that refers to the collection and storage of small quantities of goods in the warehouse, waiting for the group delivery to the final destination.

   Consolidation and container delivery significantly reduce expenditures on transportation of small goods. Sea freight and following railway and auto transportation from China to Russia is popular among representatives of small and medium businesses.

 Developing a promising type of goods delivery, we are aiming to rapid filling of containers, which saves both money and time of transportation.

container types

   Containers for sea freight, railway and auto transportation are usually 20, 40, 15 tons. There’s a possibility to transport cargo hermetically, which protects goods from damage. The size and weight of containers are the same which lets to move and set it on a transport. Usually small and fragile things, heavy goods are transported in such containers: IA и IAA, IC и ICC. Weight, volume and size of the cargo are written on the wall of container like a mark.

Контейнерные грузоперевозки из Китая

Which cargo can be carried in the container?

   Modern transportation, including container delivery from China and other countries makes it possible to deliver cargo to any part of the world. However there’s also the list of rules which should be taken by logistics company in orderto organize transportation:

     -      Cargo should be carefully packed;

     -      Real cargo should match the list of goods mentioned in a contract;

     -      Weight of the cargo should not exceed the cargo carrying capabilities of the vehicle

   It’s necessary to insure the value of the cargo in case when its market value is not defined. Especially it should be done when it comes to gems, art,   precious metals, antiques, various prototypes and household items.

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