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Cargo transportation from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan.

   Cargo transportation from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan can be taken in different ways and by different routes. Mostly its multimodal transportation taken by few kinds of transport.

Грузоперевозки из США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, Вьетнама

  •     Sea+ railway transportation
  •     Sea+ auto transportation
  •     Air + auto transportation  

 In LLC Mosalians you will get all the information about most or profitable, convenient and economy transportation option. Managers of the company will figure out the best transportation route according to the type of cargo, delivery term personal wishes

   Sea container freight with following transshipment to railway or auto is the most profitable transportation type with high reliability, relatively low delivery time. For cargo transportation from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan LLC Mosalians offers to use this multimodal transportation type.



Грузоперевозки из Японии

Japan takes the fourth place in cargo export. Export percentage grows each year. Japan is a leader in high-tech, electronics and automobile production, witch is really popular in Russia and all over the world. Main ports in Japan are Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe.

The term of sea freight from Japan is around 40-45 days.


South Korea

Грузоперевозки из Южной Кореи

South Korea a country that exports high-tech products. Korean products are popular all over the world. South Korea and the Russian Federation signed a number of bilateral agreements in order to facilitate the trade process between countries, which allows to establish long term relationship with this country.The major ports of South Korea are Busan and Incheon, and there are also two specialized Ports: Ulsan (oil) and Pohang (maintain located there giant Metallurgical Combine).

The term of sea freight from South Korea is around 40-45 days.



Грузоперевозки из Вьетнама

Vietnam takes one of the leader places in the world export. The most popular goods transported from Vietnam to Russia are tea, coffee, seafood, rice, clothes and boots. The major ports of Vietnam areHo Chi Minh City (South), HaiPhong (North), Danang (center).

The term of sea freight from Vietnam is around 40-45 days.



   Taiwan takes one of the leader places in the world export, each year increase the rates of its economic development. Taiwan appears to be the largest manufacturer of high-tech electronic products and one of the most powerful suppliers of computer equipment on the world market. The major Taiwan ports are Kaohsiung and Keelung.

The term of sea freight from Taiwan is around 40-45 days.

List of services implementing cargo delivery from Asia:   

  • Searching and delivery of goods
  • Cargo transportation within Asia
  • Door to door cargo delivery to any Russian city by sea, air, railway, auto.
  • LCL transportation, also general cargo, dangerous, oversized, heavy, valuable, perishable, small cargo delivery.
  • Warehouse and consolidation services
  • Professional packing of goods;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Preparation of export documents;
  • Charter of vessels (sea / air).


High-class cargo delivery organization by LLC Mosalians is a key to your success!

   If you want to organize railway freight from Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and also want to get fast delivery, professional customs clearance, profitable taxes on multimodal transportation, high quality services, we recommend you to contact professionals of LLC Mosalians.

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