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Delivery of goods from India

India belongs to a number of countries that in the last 10-15 years, entered the list of the world's largest suppliers of goods. India produced a large amount of clothing, textiles, machinery, industrial equipment, jewelry. In addition, India is one of the few suppliers of bulk pharmaceuticals as the pharmaceutical industry in the country has been developing for over 20 years and is at a high level.
Delivery of goods from India - is today demanded service, which is engaged in the provision of many companies. But not all transport organizations can provide guarantees for the security of cargo delivery, integrity, timely transfer to the customer, and customs clearance.
Why work with us is
"Mosalyans" has long been engaged in the supply of goods to Russia from various countries in Europe and Asia. We can not only provide fast delivery, but also to follow to ensure that your cargo arrives safely. To our benefits include:
Direct transport of goods, which significantly reduces the risk of damage to the cargo.
Minimum delivery time.
Extensive experience working with suppliers in India.
Choice of client transportation route.
Delivery of goods, not only in Moscow but also in other Russian cities.
Delivery from different cities of India.
Availability of warehouses in many countries.
Work with Grid. Persons.
Calculating the cost of trucking immediately after verification with the client all its nuances.
India is on the list of specializations of our countries, so when working with Indian suppliers, we can take into account all the features of communication, trade and transport cooperation with the sender, which is always faster transport and making it more profitable for the customer.
Tariffs for trucking from India
In order to calculate the price for trucking from India, we need to know more about the conditions of the client. To tell the exact cost, we need information about:
The volume of cargo;
delivery time;
the city from which the goods will be sent, and the city in which to make delivery;
the form of the return shipment.
Please contact our consultants for contact numbers, you can get a quick free consultation on cargo transportation from India, learn about the best way to send your load and cost of transportation.