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   LLC Mosalians offers comprehensive services in the organization of delivery of goods from South Korea. Shipping from Korea is important well developed transportation direction. Our logistics schemes are profitable, available and reliable. Multimodal delivery from South Korea is the most optimal scheme, which includes sea and railway freight. Geographical location of South Korea gives a great opportunity of using sea freight, that’s why sea container transportation from Korea is so popular. Such schemes like “sea+ railway” and “sea+ auto”can significantly reduce the risks and financial costs of transportation.

Авиа доставки грузов из Южной Кореи   In case of transporting perishable goods, food, small packages, etc. we recommend to use air transport. Air freight is the fastest one, but at the same time most expensive.

  LLC Mosalians organizes cargo delivery from any port or airport of South Korea, auto transportation from factory to port is possible. Cargo will be delivered to Vladivostok where LLC Mosalians representatives will arrange full customs and legal clearance. Then cargo will be reloaded on the railway or auto and sent to the final destination.

   Due to the fact that LLC Mosalians has warehouses and offices all over Russia cargo can be delivered to any destination within the country.

Thanks to an impressive experience in the field of international transportation, LLC Mosalians offers beneficial conditions for delivery of goods from South Korea.

  Cooperation with the leading maritime agencies and airlines increases security of cargo delivery; it makes cargo transportation from South Korea more responsive and reliable.

   Types of cargo which can be delivered: LCL, generals, dangerous, oversized, heavy, valuable, bulk, perishable, small.

List of services implementing cargo delivery from South Korea:       

  •        Searchinganddeliveryofgoods;
  •        Cargo transportation within South Korea;
  •        Door to door cargo delivery to any Russian city by sea, air, railway, auto;
  •        LCL transportation, also general cargo, dangerous, oversized, heavy, valuable, perishable, small carМорские доставки грузов из Южной Кореиgo delivery;       
  •        Ware house and consolidation services;
  •        Professional packing of goods;
  •        Customs clearance;
  •        Cargo insurance;
  •        Preparation of export documents;
  •        Charter of vessels (sea / air).

Customs clearance of cargo delivered from South Korea needs a lot of attention from employees of the company. Mistakes in completing documents, in the appointing the product code can lead to delays and inspection of cargo, which will increase in terms of delivery. Professionals of LLC Mosalians complete the customs clearance as quickly as possible. 

Customs clearance services include:

  • filling in declarations;
  • definition of the code of goods transported;
  • calculationofcustomsduties;
  • preparation of permits and certificates.

   Professionals of LLC Mosalians can speed up the process of customs clearance of delivered from Korea products; also they make sure that all customs and supporting documents have been prepared correctly.

LCL cargo

   LCL transportation from South Korea to Russia is the cheapest delivery option. When client is willing to transport small sized cargo from South Korea, it is more profitable to deliver it by LCL. In this case client pays only for the space which his cargo takes. Multimodal transportation scheme “sea + railway” may help to low the price on cargo delivery from Korea and save money.

LLC Mosalians has a lot of clients who use LCL transportation service, it helps to fill in containers really fast and reduce the costs of storage and cargo consolidation.


  • Door to door cargo delivery
    LLC Mosalians offers all services following cargo transportation from South Korea. There’s no need for you to look for this services in other companies. Perfect cooperation in LLC Mosalians provides high speed delivery, control at all stages of transportation and low service rates.

  • Making permitting documentation
    LLC Mosalians makes all permitting documentation which is needed for cargo import from South Korea and further realization of it within Russia.

  • Wide geography
    Due to 120 offices all over Russia cargo delivery from South Korea can be realized to any part of the country.

  • Monitoring
    Information about cargo is available on every stage of cargo delivery from South Korea.

  • Punctuality in the implementation of transportation
    Coordination, years of experience and high quality of work increase the process of organization of delivery from South Korea.

  • Possibility of signifi cantre duction in freight tariffs
    Using sea+ railway freight scheme for cargo delivery from South Korea gives a chance to save money.

Cargo transportation with LLC Mosalians is effective and wise investment of funds with guarantees of the safety of goods and satisfaction of specified terms of transportation.

Cost of cargo delivery from South Korea

There are many factors which affect the price of cargo delivery from South Korea to Russia:

  •   selectedroute;
  •   the type of transport;
  •   type of cargo;
  •   availability of insurance;
  •   the presence of customs clearance.

   Professionals of LLC Mosalians will make a preliminary calculation of the cost of freight, delivery time, customs clearance, the possibility of additional costs. LLC Mosalians provides comfort conditions of working together, also safety execution of obligations under the contract.

LLC Mosalians is a guarantee of security and safety of goods.


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