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   LLC Mosalians offers you container transportation of cargo from Taiwan to Russia. Working with LLC Mosalians you don’t need to worry about cargo delivery also will gain confidence in the safety and punctuality of freight organizations. Company is looking forward for long term cooperation with their clients.

Container delivery from Taiwan

   Transportation can be held by sea + railway or auto. Goods from factories can be delivered by company vans to ports of Taiwan. Further cargo will be loaded on a ship and sent to Russia. In Russia employees of LLC Mosalians will complete full customs and legal clearance. Customs clearance consists of filling all the declaration, identification of code of goods, payment for customs duties, preparation of permits and certificates. Professionals of the company will speed up the process of customs clearance and will make sure that all customs and other following documents are properly completed.

   On the next stage cargo will be reloaded to the railway or auto and then sent to the final destination. Due to the fact that company has many warehouses and offices all over Russia, cargo can be delivered to any part of the country.

   LLC Mosalians is a responsible freighter!

Many factors can proof the good position of LLC Mosalians in this age of high competition, for example security of cargo delivery, minimum rates, reduced transportation time. Professionals of LLC Mosalians have a great experience in cargo transportation sphere, any cargo can be delivered: LCL, general, dangerous, oversized, heavy, high-value, bulk, perishable, small. It proves that company is really flexible.

List of services implementing cargo delivery from Taiwan:

  • Searching and delivery of goods;
  •  Cargo transportation with in Taiwan;
  •  Door to door cargo delivery to any Russian city by sea, air, railway, auto;
  •  LCL transportation, also general cargo, dangerous, oversized, heavy, valuable, perishable, small car
  • go delivery;
  • Ware house and consolidation services;
  •  Professiona lpacking of goods;
  •  Customs clearance;
  •  Cargo insurance;
  •  Preparation o fexport documents;
  •  Charter of vessels (sea / air).

LCL transportation from Taiwan helps you save money!

  LCL transportation is the most profitable type of delivery. If small sized cargo needs to be transported, so the best option is LCL delivery. It gives an opportunity to transport cargo for minimum price. In this case client pays only for the space taken by his cargo. By “sea+ railway” delivery even more money can be saved.


   Many companies use this LCL transportation option; it helps to speed up the process of filling the container, and reduce the price of storage and cargo consolidation.


  •    Door to door cargo delivery
    LLC Mosalians offers all services following cargo transportation from Taiwan. There’s no need for you to look for this services in other companies. Perfect cooperation in LLC Mosalians provides high speed delivery, control at all stages of transportation and low service rates.

  •   Making permitting documentation
    LLC Mosalians makes all permitting documentation which is needed for cargo import from Taiwan and further realization of it within Russia.
  •   Wide geography
    Due to 120 offices all over Russia cargo delivery from Taiwan can be realized to any part of the country.

  •  Monitoring
    Information about cargo is available on every stage of cargo delivery from Taiwan.

  •   Punctuality in the implementation of transportation
    Coordination, years of experience and high quality of work increase the process of organization of delivery from Taiwan.

  •    Possibility of signific antreduction in freight tariffs
    Using sea+ railway freight scheme for cargo delivery from Taiwan gives a chance to save money.

Working with LLC Mosalians you don’t need to worry about delivery from Taiwan. Managers of LLC Mosalians organize transportation is shortest terms and on best conditions. You will receive the high class services such as control of cargo delivery, ensure safety of freight, customs clearance of goods, documentation!

LLC Mosalians is safety and reliability


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