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Transportation from Japan

   LLC Mosalians recommended itself as a responsible carrier in the sphere of international delivery, it offers professional cargo delivery from Japan. Combination of great experience and high quality delivery from Japan assure you that transportation will be safe and fast.


Cargo delivery from Japan
can be taken: 

  by sea        by air  


   LLC Mosalians recommend you to choose multimodal transportation scheme:

“sea+ railway freight”, “sea + auto”. This transportation schemes are most profitable, safe, effective and relatively fast.

   If constant cargo delivery from Japan is needed, so the most profitable option will be sea container freight. There are 20 sea ports in Japan available for international transportation. LLC Mosalians can organize cargo transportation from any Japanize port; firstly they deliver cargo from factory by car. Cargo will be transported to Vladivostok where employees organize customs and legal clearance. Lately cargo will be reloaded on railway or auto, and then transported to the final destination point.


LLC Mosalians has offices and warehouses all over Russia which makes it possible to deliver cargo to any part of Russia.

 If you need to transport perishable goods, food, small packages and so on we strongly recommend you to choose air freight. Airtransportationiswayfaster, butalsomoreexpensive.

   Cooperation with leading shipping companies and airlines can increase security of cargo delivery, significantly reduce freight time. Company's specialists have extensive experience in transportation of all types of goods: assorted, general, dangerous, heavy, high-value, bulk, perishable, small load.

Мультимодальная схема грузоперевозок из Японии

List of services implementing cargo delivery from Japan:   

  • Searching and delivery of goods;
  • Cargo transportation with in Asia;
  • Door to door cargo delivery to any Russian city by sea, air, railway, auto;
  • LCL transportation, also general cargo, dangerous, oversized, heavy, valuable, perishable, small cargo delivery;
  •    Ware house and consolidation services;
  •    Professional packing o fgoods;
  •    Customs clearance;
  •    Cargo in surance;
  •   Preparation of export documents;
  •    Charter of vessels (sea / air).

Professionalism of the company helps to go though the customs clearance really fast.

Custom clearance services:

  • Filling in declarations;
  • definition of the code of transported goods;
  • calculationofcustomsduties;
  • preparation of permits and certificates.

   LLC Mosalians professionalsspeed up the process of customs clearance of goods transported from Japan to Russia and also make sure that all the customs and fallowing documents will be carefully prepared.  

LLC Mosalians is the best choice for cargo transportation from Japan!

LLC Mosalians is a combination of optimal transportation route with quality guarantees, carried out in the shortest possible time

By offering good prices and high transportation quality we are aiming to reduce the cost of international shipping from Japan.


  • Door to door cargo delivery
    LLC Mosalians offers all services following cargo transportation from Japan. There’s no need for you to look for this services in other companies. Perfect cooperation in LLC Mosalians provides high speed delivery, control at all stages of transportation and low service rates.

  • Making permitting documentation
    LLC Mosalians makes all permitting documentation which is needed for cargo import from Japan and further realization of it within Russia.

  • Wide geography
    Due to 120 offices all over Russia cargo delivery from Japan can be realized to any part of the country.

  • Monitoring
    Information about cargo is available on every stage of cargo delivery from Japan.

  • Punctuality in the implementation of transportation
    Coordination, years of experience and high quality of work increase the process of organization of delivery from Japan.

  • Possibility of signifi cantred uctionin freight tariffs
    Using sea+ railway freight scheme for cargo delivery from Japan gives a chance to save money.


LCL transportation from Japan

    LCL transportation is profitable and promising service.

  The benefit is to reduce the financial cost of transporting small shipments. LCL transportation gives an opportunity to organize cargo delivery in lowest possible budget. In this situation client pays only for the volume of his own cargo in the container. And multimodal delivery scheme sea+ railway gives an opportunity to save money.

   Consolidation and LCL transportation help significantly reduce expenditures on delivery of small sized cargo. Container sea freight and following railway or auto transportation are popular in circles of representatives of small and medium businesses.

LCL Mosalians fills containers really fast, which helps to save money and time on cargo transportation from Japan.

How much does it cost to deliver cargo from Japan?

 There are many factors affecting the price for cargo transportation from Japan to Russia:

-  selected route;
- the type of transport;
- typeof cargo;
- availability of insurance;
- the presence of customs clearance

Choosing LLC Mosalians you can be sure in quality of work.

   Professionals of LLC Mosalians will make a preliminary calculation of the cost of freight, delivery time, customs clearance, the possibility of additional costs. LLC Mosalians provideshigh class cargo delivery from Japan to Russia by adjusted schemes and routes with the least loss of time and money.

LLC Mosalians the key to safety and security of cargo.


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