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  Доставка грузов по Китаю
   LLC Mosalians organizes cargo transportation within China. Company delivers cargo by their own trucks, which gives an opportunity to reduce delivery rates within China and increase safety of cargo at the same time.

   Ordering products at Chinese factories it is necessary to deliver them to the port or airport for future transportation to Russia. LLC Mosalians delivers cargo from any part of China, loadscontainers on the ship or plane, and delivers cargo to consolidation warehouses of the company.

  Some clients already have their own delivery ways within China. In such cases LLC Mosalians receive cargo in the air port and ports in China and then transport it to Russia.

Interested in cheap transportation from China? Call us! Our managers will consult you about cargo delivery and all the list of services we provide. Our services:  

  • Searching and choosing products in China;
  • Consolidation of cargo;
  • Providing information about condition of cargo during whole delivery path;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Clearance and provision of all documents;
  • Door to door cargo delivery.

       Looking forward for long term cooperation!

Автоперевозки внутри Китая

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