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Cargo delivery from China

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   Everyone knows the role of China in the modern world, this country developing rapidly in all directions, combining the experience of other countries with their own outlook. If you want to go with the times, so you just have to pay attention toChina the country of Rising Sun.

   According to the fact that China produces a lot of comparatively cheep products to sell abroad, so businessmen find a lot of benefits in dealing with Chinese suppliers. Combination of low price and quality gives a good benefit to this partnership.

   In the process of planning business with China you will face a lot of complications like search for products with suitable price, purchasing, transportation, customs clearance and delivery to the door of the warehouse of your city. Dealing with it by yourself you will loose time and money. LLC Mosalians offers you their services in organization of all transportation stages, nowadays company is one of the leading domestic carriers. The company already established all the processes in the delivery of goods from China. LLC Mosalians has representatives all over China who provide control of transportation not just from Vladivostok and Moscow, but also within China while looking for goods and transporting it to Russia.


 We assure you that cargo transportation taking by LLC Mosalians is reliable, safe, timely and high quality!

We are willing to offer you the best cargo delivery schemes from China

Морские грузоперевозки из Китая

  • Air freight + auto transportation within 20 days
  • Sea freight + railway transportation within 35 days
  • Sea freight + auto transportation within 45 days


Sea freight from China

  The process of cargo delivery from China to Russia incudes 2 stages, first of all sea freight, then railway transportation. This multimodal delivery type (delivery taken by different kinds of transport) from China takes 30-35 daysSea freight the most versatile in terms of logistics and winning in terms of finance.

Our company offers transportation by vessels that meet all standards, organize timely delivery of vessels, control of loading - unloading, provide security during the storage of goods. 

We provide the full customs clearance and lega lclearance of goods with fullpack age of documents. Freight for warders controlload all over sea transportation, so that we guarantee safe ty of cargo.

Cargo is being shipped from China to Vladivostok where late lygoes the procedure of customs clearance. The cost of sea freight from China lower than all the other transportation types.


LLC “Mosalians” multimodal transportation is out sphere.


Railway transportation from China

  First cargo is being shipped from China to Vladivostok, then reloaded and then being transported by railway to the final destination. Railwaytransportation is the most trouble-free mode of transport for delivery of goods from China. It doesn’t depend on weather conditions. Also it should be said that railway transportation is moreeconomical. We make personal affordable railway transportation routes, which depend on the final destination.


The cost of railway transportation from China depends on:

Железнодорожные перевозки из Китая

  •  Dimensions of cargo (including an over-sized);
  • Weight of cargo (light and heavy);
  • Transportation distancе;
  • Extra services (if needed).

   In case of delivery from China we provide full package of accompanying documents.You can always count on the necessary legal assistance and expert advice of our managers at any questions.

   During many years we provide high-quality transportation services. We can easily organize any cargo transportation work for you, taking into account all the rules and requirements. We will be happy to cooperate with you!

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