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Import from China to Russia

Import of goods from China is a popular direction of business in both China and Russia. Chinese businessmen have got a good place on Russians market, the volume and solvency are expanding. Russia's businessmen have the following advantages of choosing Chinese goods:

  • The affordable price
  • The flexible way of cooperation
  • The possibility of non-standard orders  

The only one disadvantage is the complexity of foreign-economic activity. If you don't know the specific features of international law and customs clearance, better use the the services of logistics company, which can handle the complete “ turn-key” delivery of goods to  Moscow  and solve all of the problems.    

Information for Russian importers

If you determine the type of product that you need, set all requirements for goods and ready to place an order in China for profitable price, you should contact specialists of LLC “ Mosalians”. We will help you to find suitable supplier, make a deal under the international rules. In the end, you get the required volume of goods, without problems with customs clearance, sale contracts, so you leave transportation and other problems to us.    

Information for the Chinese exporters.

If your company is in China and wants to start cooperation with wholesale customers from Russia , we also help to arrange supply chain on Russian market. Our tariffs for sale of goods to Russian client already include all related services, such as purchase of goods under the name of LLC “ Mosalians” , transportation and resale on the other side, mentioned in the agreement , also customs clearance and coordination of all issues related to international trade.

How Fast Does the Transportation take?

Import from China to Russia can be carried out with different tapes of transport . In some cases, it is better to use multimodal delivery, which appears to be the combination of the two delivery types. This solution allows to optimize the cost of transport services with no affect on terms. LLC “Mosalians” offers following transportation servises:    

Type of transport

Terms of delivery, days

Ordinary transportation








Multimodal  transportation








Which option is more profitable?

Urgent delivery requires additional expenditures. So that keeps the price on air express transportation still expensive, but cargo will be received in shortest term. The medium cost belongs to overland freight, in order to save money client can use sea freight

In order to obtain the cost of the shipment,

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