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Inspection of the goods in China

Inspection of the goods in China provides an opportunity to avoid the common problems with the supply of product. Of course, Chinese products long time ago lost their reputation of very cheap mass consumption, but occasionally there are still problems with quality of finished products. In order to avoid these problems, the large companies established their own offices in china, which enable an on time quality control or even gave a chance to claim that goods do not meet the specific conditions. For small companies the situation is much worse, it’s almost impossible to solve the quality issues and be compensated. However, you can use an alternative way.  

Unconcerned control.

LLC ”Mosalians” provides a quality control service in China. As aim of this inspection is to detect all defects of the product and also to identify the following violations by the manufacturer: ​

  • Incomplete set of goods
  • Incomplete amount of products
  • Rearrangement
  • The damage to the package
  • Improper documentation 

Checking is performed before the procedure of shipping to the Moscow or other cities, that makes it possible to inform customer about the quality issues of the product. It may stimulate a client to different actions: refuse to cooperate with Chinese manufacturer, or reclaim spoilage of goods. In addition, Chinese exporter can reduce the price by providing a significant discount to compensate their mistakes.

How long does the inspection take?

The term depends on location of the manufacturer in China, and also on the size of batch and the list of offered services. In most cases inspection and composition of official quality control report, communication with supplier doesn’t take more than one day, unless special occasions appear. Mostly, an increases in length of testing occurs when laboratory tests with the use of special equipment are required.

The cost of unconcerned inspection

The cost of supervisor services is determined in each case individually – it depends on many factors, including the complexity of work and location of factory. In the case of large cities , such as Beijing , Shanghai and Shenzhen the average price of inspection would be $200 a day. In need of going to far places, it will be also required to pay the transportation expenditures.

Useful information

Chinese suppliers usually are not willing to spend extra money, but in some cases, it is possible to add inspection fee into the contract, which appears to be some kind of insurance of for the client.

In addition, you can order a full audit service provided by LLC “Mosalians”.

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