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LLC Mosalians provides high quality cargo transportation from USA.

   The presence of the company in the United States of America in New Jersey makes transportation more reliable, efficient and affordable.Comfortable location of the office and consolidation warehouse is a huge advantage for cargo delivery; it’s located close to international airports John F. Kennedy (JFK) and Newark (EWR), also close to seaports of New York and New Jersey, which allows getting the direct access to high-speed transport network. Delivery by own trucks from the factory to consolidation warehouses gives possibility to save on cargo transportation from USA to Russia.Modern consolidation warehouses meet all international standards, so storage and consolidation of goods goes under high-class and professional control.

Services in USA:

  • Searching and delivery of goods;Доставка грузов из США
  • Transportation within USA;
  • Door to door cargo delivery from USA to any Russian city by air, sea, railway, autо;
  • Transportation of general, dangerous, oversized, heavy, valuable, perishable, small cargо;
  • Storage and consolidation services;
  • Professional packing of goods;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Preparation of export documents;
  • Charter of vessels (sea /air);Courier service.

Logistics schemes

   Cargo delivery from USA goes through different transportation routes. Most of all there is multimodal transportation which involves different types of transport. The most economical transportation scheme from USA to Russia is the combination of sea and railway or auto freight. But if fast delivery needed, so we recommend you use air transportation. Taking into account type of cargo and time our managers will choose the most comfortable logistics scheme for you.

LLC Mosalians organizes cargo deliveryin short terms and by optimal ways. Company offers reasonable prices and high quality delivery, we tend to low prices on international transportation from USA.

Competitive advantages

  • Opportunity to realize door to door delivery

LLC Mosalians offers the full list of following services for cargo transportation from USA. You won’t need any help of other organizations. Good cooperation in our company increase the speed of delivery, LLC Mosalians provides control at all stages of transportation, in a process of customs clearance we don’t share responsibility between broker and the carrier, also reduce rates.

  • Making permitting documentation

LLC Mosalians produces the paperwork necessary for the further importation of goods from the United States and sale on the territory of the Russian Federation.

  •  Wide geography

Due to 120 branches of LLC Mosalians all over Russia, cargo transportation can be taken from any city in USA to any place in Russia.

  • Мonitoring

Information of all transported from USA cargo is available for clients on every stage of delivery.

  • Punctuality in the implementation of transportation

Existence of LLC Mosalians representatives in USA makes the process of buying goods faster, also provides control of delivery to airports and ports and also control of loading the vessel.

  • Chance to low taxes on transportation

Using the scheme see freight+ railway transportation you can save money.

The highest percentage of cargo delivery from USA comes on LCL transportation.

LCL transportation is the best offer!

  LLC Mosalians organizes high quality LCL transportation. In case of LCL transportation the container booking price divides between clients who fill it. A lot of client use this profitable service of sharing the container payment.

LCL transportation is a promising and profitable service.

   USA is one of leaders in producing goods which being transported to Russia.In this regard, rating of cargo transportation from USA to Russia growing significantly. American manufacturers are interested in long term cooperation with Russia.

How much does cargo transportation from USA costs?

 The cost of cargo transportation from USA
Стоимость грузоперевозок из СШАto Russia depends on many factors:

  • Transportation route;
  • Type of transport;
  • Type of cargo;
  • Insurance;
  • Customs clearance.


LLC Mosalians: “With us you can be assured of work quality”

LLC Mosalians offers high quality service, establishes and improves long term business relations with clients. LLC Mosalians is a guarantee of security and safety of goods.

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