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International cargo transportation

Международные грузоперевозки


   LLC Mosalians offers cargo delivery from different countries such as China, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Europe to any Russian city and town. Company delivers cargo to its own warehouses which placed almost in all Russian cities. Also company offers transportation of different types of cargo, such as small-sized, general and LCL. LCL cargo can be accepted if it’s heavier than 5 kl. Representatives in Moscow, Vladivostok, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hongkong, Taiwan will help to organizequalified transportation faster, and for reasonable price.

Transportation services of LLC Mosalians satisfy international requirements. If you appreciate safety, efficiency and high quality, you should call us 8 (495) 775-47-25.

By using our services you can minimize you expenditures and save time.


 China is the main transportation direction of  LLC Mosalians.    

LLC Mosalians offers containerized shipping from China


Air transportation + Auto transportation starting with 6 days

This transportation type is the fastest one compare to others, but the most expensive at the same time, in most cases people use it for transportation of perishable goods or the special once.

Shipping + railway transportation starting with 25 days

That’s the optimal choice. Transportation takes 1 month, but costs less, with the right organization there won’t be any delivery problems. Your company can save money.

                       Shipping + auto transportation starting with 30 days

 It’s also economical type of delivery. But there’s impossible to deliver big-sized cargo by car. 

   Company delivers cargo to Vladivostok with full customs and legal clearance, which includes gathering all the documents, information, calculation and payment of customs duties, fill in customs declarations and all other operations. We have all needed information about customs clearance, also good connection which help us work quickly.
   “Door to door” and “door to warehouse” delivery with complete package of documents.

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