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Express-Delivery from China

Express-delivery from China getting famous- many Russian businessmen using this serves , for maximally fast receive of the product. Express delivery can be needed in different situations :    

  • In the case of prepaid order from customer.
  • In need of goods refill before holidays.
  • In order to obtain and represent a new product to before the competitors .

The costs of transportation are usually higher, but the result fully justified: you receive ordered goods, not worrying about delay or non fulfillment agreements with customers.  

Which Transportation to Use

The fastest delivery time is an advantage of air express delivery from China. Cargo will be sent from Beijing or Shanghai airport straight to location appointed by customer. Tariffs on such delivery will be significantly high, so in order to reduce the price multimodal transportation mode can be used – first we choose an affordable flight, and after cargo will be delivered to the destination point by the overland transportation. Railway and road express delivery from China will take relatively short time, but sometimes even this period may seen excessive. Therefore practically, in case of fast delivery, will be used those two types, which were described above.

Sea freight is not an express type of delivery, since awaiting will take a while, especially to Moscow. So better use this delivery method when time Is not important.      

How long the delivery will take?

The term of express delivery from China, depends on the type of transport. It should be taken into consideration, that delivery term consists of order collection, delivery to the departure place, customs clearance and reloading in transfer points. Using the services of LLC “ Mosalians”, you can count of the following delivery terms:   

  • Air freight- 3-5 days
  • Railway and auto freight -20 days
  • Air and auto freight - 20 days
  • Sea and railway freight -35 days
  • Sea and auto freight -45 days

Transportation cost?

The prices of logistics services are always inversing the time. Fast air delivery from China will cost a relatively big amount. It makes sence: the small capacity of the airplane leads to the raise the cost of each carried kilo comparing to others types of transportation . Overland transportation is slightly cheaper, which makes it attractive for the majority of customers.  LCL sea transportation reduce the price and makes it profitable .

In order to obtain the cost of shipment,

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