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Container shipment

 LLC Mosalians offers international container transportation services, which successfully carried out for many years. Responsibility for safety of cargo and fast delivery means that container transportation with LLC Mosalians is the best option for development of your business. And due to the presence in 118 Russiancities, company organizes “door to door” transportation choosing the most suitable way. In order to organize long-term cooperation all client’s wishes will be taken into account.

LLC Mosalians is reliability and support!
Goods from different countries will be delivered to Russian consumers by sea, railway and auto transportation. Any of the present methods of transportation provides one of the safest modes of transportation - Container. Choosing container transportation owners of goods want to receive it safe and for the low price. Container transport provides maximum protection while loading and transportation. During the loading cargo will be counted, weighed and documented. Later container will be sealed up, eliminating the possibility of damage and theft of cargo.


Competitive advantages

  •  Significant reduction in the cost of container transportation in the development of optimal delivery and carrying kinds of transport;
  •  Punctuality
    Representatives of LLC Mosalians in 118 Russiancitieshelp to speed up the proses of container delivery within country.

  • Affordable cost of container transportation
    Due to LCL, container transportation became significantly cheaper.


Competitive container transportationrates
High quality for a reasonable price!


Контейнерные грузоперевозки из Китая, США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, Тайваня

            Following services

  •      Providing information about the cargo at all stages of delivery;
  •      Consolidation services;
  •      Insurance of goods;
  •      Customs clearance;
  •      Preparation and provision of all documents.


LCL transportation

    LCL transportation is profitable and prospect service at the freight market, it reduces the financial cost of small loads delivery. The actual cost of container transportation from China in this case will be minimum. Customerpaysexactlyforthespacehiscargooccupies.

   Consolidation and LCL delivery significantly reduce expenses on delivery of small-sized cargo. Container shipping and following railway or auto transportation are really popular among owners of small and medium business.

   By developing promising LCL transportation we aim to speed up filling of containers, which gives a chance to save money and delivery time.

Advantages of container transportation from China

   Sea container transportation from China is the least expensive way to deliver goods, which makes it demanded and undated. The advantage of container transportation is that universal size of container lets it be transported by any type of vehicle: sea, railway, auto. Cargo inside the container doesn’t need to be reloaded, all the manipulations will be done with the container itself. In the proses of transportation from China, safety is the main factor. Using container transportation safety of cargo rises significantly.


Which cargo can be transported in container?

   Modern transport opportunities and container traffic can deliver any cargo from one continent to another.

Контейнерные поставки из КитаяList of rules and regulations for container transportation:

  • Cargo should be carefully packed;
  • Cargo should match the list of goods mentioned in contract;
  • weight of the load should not exceed the cargo carrying capabilities of the vehicle.

  The price of cargo should be reported in case when the market value is not defined. First of all, it concerns the gems, art, precious metal, antiques, prototypes and household items.

  If you want to organize container freight from China, USA, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and want to get fast transportation, professional customs clearance, good prices and service, we recommend you to contact LLC Mosalians. Looking forward formutually beneficial cooperation.