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Intermodal freight

  LLC Mosalians organizes multimodal transportation, when few types of delivery can be used. Multimodal transportation gives a chance to deliver cargo from any place to in any remote part of the world. In some situations it becomes the only possible transportation way.

   Managers develop optimal logistic scheme of goods delivery from door to door in consideration of all your needs, also low expenditures on transportation. Professionals organize effective and high-class multimodal transportation. In order to organize long term collaboration we take to account every wish of our clients.

LLC Mosalians is reliability and profit!

Мультимодальные грузоперевозки из Китая, США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, ТайваняTypes of transport used in multi-modal transportation: sea, rail, road and air. Combinations of vehicles can be different. In case when terms of transportation is a priori criterion, it’s recommended to use air freight combined with railway or auto freight. This type is the fastest and most expensive one. If delivery time is not important, it’s better to use cheaper combination of sea freight and railway or auto transportation.

LLC Mosalians offers the list of servicesby using multimodal transportation:


Following services

  • Providing information about the cargo at all stages of delivery;
  • Consolidation services;
  • Insurance of goods;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Preparation and provision of all document.


Competitive advantages

  •  Significant reduction in the transportation rates in the development of optimal delivery and carrying kinds of transport.
  • Punctuality
    Representatives of LLC Mosalians in different countries help to speed up the proses of buying goods at the factories, also help to control transportation of goods to ports and loading on marine vessels.

  • Affordable cost of multimodal transportation
    Multimodal transportation carried by Mosalians became significantly cheaper.

    Мультимодальные доставки грузов из Китая

Competitive railway freightrates
High quality for a reasonable price!


Multimodal transportation from China     

   Company representatives in China control all the manipulations with goods, such as receiving from the factory, delivering to the warehouses in China, sea transportation to Vladivostok. Later in Vladivostok all the cargo goes through the customs clearance and being transported to the final destination.

   Dealing with LLC Mosalians you get the most suitable and effective transportation way. Qualified international transportation is the key to the success of your business.

  If you want to organize railway freight from China, USA, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and want to get fast transportation, professional customs clearance, good prices and service, we recommend you to contact LLC Mosalians.

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