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Less than container (LCL) shipment from China

   Due to development of trade cooperation between Russia and South-East Asia, especially with China, lots of businessmen appreciate the prospects and benefits of it. The amount of imported goods from China grows each year. And the demand for the delivery of goods produced in China is also increasing rapidly. China is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of almost all the goods, so that the process of goods transportation inside the country increased to the highest level. This actually helps to organize delivery of any goods to any part of the world.


  High quality organization of cargo delivery from China with guarantees of safety of goods and timely delivery is a major factor in the process of transportation. One of the main factors is the price of LCL transportation from China. This price totally depends on the transportation route, time and kind of transport.


LCL is the Best offer!

  LLCMosalians organizes high quality transportation of large and small loads.The small volume cargo or insufficient amount of it can’t fill standard container completely. In most cases cargo transportation from China to Russia do not imply overall transportation, and pay for the whole container is not financially profitable.

    Taking in account the wish of clients to transport small-sized cargo and difficulty of finding companions, we offer LCL transportation. In the process of LCL transportation the price will be shared between companions who fill this container. Each of them pays for his own part of container and not for the whole space. Nowadays a lot of businessmen use this service; they pay for transportation together with other companions, and don’t pay for extra space. LCL delivery from China is perspective and profitable service

If it’s profitably to use LCL transportation from China to Russia, so there is a question, how the collection of cargo for one container happens? Consolidation helps to fill container with different cargo. Consolidation is collection and storing of small quantities of goods at the warehouse. During the storing at the warehouse there goes a process of filling the container with all the goods, which will be send to the final destination later. LLS Mosalians has its own consolidation warehouses in China; they are equipped with modern high class machinery for the fast loading and unloading of cargo.

LLS Mosalians has a great experience in LCL transportation and a lot of loyal clients, which helps us fill in containers really fast and reduces transportation time and expenditures.

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