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     During past few years production in China reached impressive proportions, and Chinese goods presented almost on all markets of the world. It’s the result of combination of reasonable price and quality of goods. Huge advantage of partnership with China is their production of almost all existing goods. Combination of low price and quality brings financial benefit into this partnership.

During past few years LLC Mosalians worked with Chinese market. Representatives in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen support with doing all the searching work quickly and accurately. LLC Mosalians has there own database of Chinese manufacturers, which allows provide a list of services in finding suppliers in China.  


Services in searching of goods in China:

  • Searching for goods and gathering information about manufacturers;
  • Establishing relations with Chinese suppliers;
  • Negotiating, optimization of prices;
  • Signing and maintenance of contract;
  • Quality control of products and delivery;
  • Accompanying at the exhibitions and factories;
  • Delivery of samples and catalogs of products;
  • Representatives services in Chinа.

    Planning cooperation with China first of all you need to decide which factory will answer all you needs. It’s pretty difficult to do it all by yourself. There are a lot of factories in China and information given online is not always real. Before you sign the contract you’d better check few factories and find out some information about future partner and check operability the factory.This is time-consuming and expensive work requiring knowledge of the language, laws, judicial norms and characteristics of the country.

   LLC Mosalians offers a new list of services in searching for goods in China. Our representatives will choose you some factories in accordance with clients’ needs and requirements; also will control all the stages of production. During the negotiations our representatives are aiming to low prices,speed up production time, negotiating the terms of loyal cooperation. At the end it gives opportunity to low expenditures and risks for clients.

   After signing the contract factories start to produce the product, later all the goods will be delivered by company’s car to sea or air port of China, and then will be transported to Russia with all suitable documents. Delivery can beorganized from any Chinese city.  

   There are few ways of transportation from China: by air, railway, sea and auto. In order to decrease expenditures on cargo delivery we offer to use multimodal transportation. It’s the type of cargo transportation which involves few kinds of transport. In transportation from china it’s sea freight to Vladivostok, where cargo goes through full customs and legal clearance. After that cargo goes to the destination point by railway. We provide the integrity and safety of the transported goods

LLC Mosalians offers the list of services in China:

  • Searching and delivery of goods;
  • Transportation within China;
  • Door to door cargo delivery by railway, auto, sea, air from China to any Russian city;
  • Warehouse services;
  • Consolidation and LCL delivery;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Preparation of export documents..

   If you want to make you business with China profitable, don’t want to have problems, loose time and money, we advice you to use help of LLC Mosalians. Representatives of the company will help you to choose suitable factory and supplier, provide you all needed information.

   Huge transportation source, high qualified employees, responsible approach to the tasks, constant improvement of performance in work lets company to compete. Responsibility and effective working is the proof that all employees of LLC Mosalians are professionals.  


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