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Auto cargo delivery from China

   At the time of a growing of commodity circulation to choose reasonable delivery terms and conditions from China to Russia is one of the most difficult and serious questions for the businessmen. The difficulty itself is that the way of delivery influences on the final goods price. There are several ways of cargo delivery from China: by air, sea, railway and auto. Each kind has its own advantages and disadvantages, but often the most reasonable one is auto delivery.

Advantages of auto delivery from China

  •    speed (the fastest way after air delivery);
  •    mobility;
  •    availability;
  •    reliability.

   So according to the price and quality auto delivery is supposed to be rather popular kind of transportation.

   During delivery from China need to keep attention to the cargo safety. It directly depends on the kind of transport. Nowadays underloading and refrigerators that provide enough safety for the cargo are very popular.

   Auto delivery cost depends on different aspects. The first is a route. The next one is a choice of the vehicle for the transportation, taking into account the goods characteristics. The third is monitoring and control after the cargo service.

   The specialists from the transport company provide a service like tracking and always inform the customer about the goods location.

   From our side we guarantee the goods safety and delivery efficiency from China by auto transport.


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