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    Доставка товара из Китая в РоссиюEstablishment of cargo transportation from China is not an easy thing – lack of information and experience can cause different kinds of problems. But businessmen realize the fact, that shipment with cargo safety guarantees and timeliness of deliveryare the main factors of efficient operation and productivity of any trading company. Before arranging goods delivery from China to Russia it’s necessary to determine the route of shipment, time terms, type of the transport you are ready to pay for. All this particulars influence on the cost of the delivery. 


   As for the air freight from China, we can expect the cargo to be delivered to the destination in short time. This is the most safe and reliable way of transportation. Time of delivery will take several days, but not weeks and months,what will reduce the possibility of cargo damage. Howeverthiskindoffreightisratherexpensive.


   Sea freight will not save your time but no doubt will save your money. In comparison with air freight it takes two weeks as minimum. One more disadvantage is absolute dependence on the weather conditions. In addition extra expenses are possible, for instance expenses you should pay for goods’ delivery from warehouse to the port and so on. But these nuances do not stop most of the businessmen planning freight from China.


   Auto freight from China is one of the most inexpensive types of delivery. Platform trucks deliver the goods directly to the final destination, despite weather conditions, uneven roads and cargo size.

Railway freight

   Railway freight is fast and accessible way of delivery from China. The further the cargo goes, the less will be the cost – this is an unspoken rule. One more indisputable advantage is that weather conditions have minimal effects.


  •    Air freight + Auto freight 20 days
  •    Sea freight + Railway freight 35 days
  •    Sea freight + Auto freight 45 days

   Although you know about advantages of any type of delivery, nevertheless better to commit your cargo to professionals. Today many transport or logistics companies can undertake all the hassle of shipping and customs clearance. Experts will think how to arrange the delivery of your goods “from door to door” the most possible efficient way.
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