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Контейнерные перевозки из Китая

   container shipping

    China is the country of origin of the lion's share of goods (including the range of all possible products - from clothes to electronics). Chinese goods are delivered to the Russian market by sea, air, auto or railway transport. Any of this types provides one of the safest modes of transportation - container shipping.

   Both sides, the cargo owners and the logistics managers, first of all want to get the cargo safe and sound at the destination and at the same time to reduce costs. Choosing container shipping the customer not only save the money, but also get guarantee, that the cargo will be shipped safely. In the first place the good’s weight, quantity, measurement is to be documented, after the loading the container must be sealed, what prevents spoilage, breakage, and theft of goods.


   The most popular container’s types used in sea freight, air freight and auto transportation are IC and ICC, and IA and IAA. 20 feet and 40 feet containers are capacious and suitable particularly for any kind of the goods regardless of the boxing size, have standard weight, volume and size. Any kind of containers are marked with information about its capacity, gross weight, measurements.


Requirements for the cargo

   Nowadays transportation opportunities and container’s shipments allow to deliver any cargo from any country, never the less there are a number of rules and regulations required by the transport and logistics companies. These rules are:

  • the goods must be packed carefully
  • the cargo and its characteristics must match the information provided in the contract
  • weight of the goods should not exceed the cargo carrying capacity of the vehicle the market value of goods must be defined