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Таможенное оформление грузов

   Nowadays transmission of goods has gained a big scale. The goods on its way to the place of destination often cross the territory of several countries. That is why not only big corporations and companies but also individual persons are interested in international cargo delivery. Regarding to goods amount and characteristics, consumer and customer position every good needs to pass through customs control. It is a compulsory procedure in the process of goods export from abroad that excludes entering of prohibited goods and controls correct customs duties. Usually if everything is according to the customs rules there is no any problem with a customs clearance. But sometimes there are mistakes during the sending of the parcel that lead to the problems during the process of clearance in the country of receiver.

   It is known that importing parcels are subjected to a special supervision. The meaning of this supervision is to prevent export of the prohibited goods and revise the parcel contents according to the commercial invoice. Packing list also plays an important role during the clearance because weight and volume define customs duties rate. Some people specially lower the price of the goods to avoid compulsory paying of the customs duty as required by the law. But this is not very effective way because if the custom workers suspect such behavior the parcel additionally undergoes an estimate examination. And if the inconsistency between declared and real price is found the parcel can be received only after paying all the duties and fees.

Customs duties

   Custom clearance activity is mainly controlled by the Customs Code of the Russian Federation. According to the law if the parcel price is more than 1000 Euro and its weight is more than 31kg the person must pay customs duty for the importation of the goods. If the parcel size is bigger than competent size, need to pay duty of 30% of the declared price also customs registration fees. All these figures are not stable that is why the Code can be changed sometimes and accordingly has new addendum. The important moment is given figures are extended for the calendar month. It means total price of whole parcels during this period should not be more than stated level. Otherwisepayingthecustomsdutyisinevitable.

   There are also some restrictions regarding to the quality. For example, the party of more than 5 pcs (units) can be recognized by customs workers as a small wholesale that is connected with commercial activity which has different customs duty rates compare with the natural person rates and demands for additional conditions.

   To avoid different problems on the border need to provide full and exact information about the goods during the international cargo delivery organization.