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Доставка растаможка из Китая

   All the goods importing to Russia must pass Custom clearance according to the Customs rules: Custom declare of the goods, providing special documents for the good, putting the good under special Custom procedure.Customs clearance also includes control of the goods and customs inspection.

   Customs clearance is one of the most troublesome matters. Difficulties in understanding of the Customs code norms and rules quiet often mislead and sometimes customs inspector can make a mistake. That’s why to be legally savvy is very important; possessing the full information eases the procedure of customs clearance.

   Customs is the structure that brings individuals and legal entities to administrative responsibility, if they have committed an offense in the customs sphere. In turn, those who were accused of an offense may appeal the decision of the customs authority.

Legal assistance

   Appeal to the legislature imposed duty in amount of 100 rubles for individuals and 2000 rubles for legal entities. In case of disputes settlement with the customs authorities, this fee is not paid. Time period established for the examination of the complaint is one month. If you are faced with the actions or inactions of the customs authority’ representative, which is a violation and infringement of your rights and freedoms, feel free to write a complaint to the customs authority head, because the main aim of customs authorities is protection of the rights and legal interests of bodies of Foreign Economic Activity and monitoring compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation.