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контейнерные перевозки из Китая

   As a rule the container owner has no opportunity to realize all the operations with containers. The forwarder is in charge for container tracking, container returning back also its safety according to the transport expedition contract. In case of container damage or delay of its returning back the forwarder should pay a penalty according to the contract. The forwarder also pays the container owner container using fee under the conformed rate.

   Container transportation from one country to another country needs special knowledge for adequate activity. Customs Convention regulating container delivery questions says this kind of transportation has the shortest route and the place of discharge should be the nearest to the customer location. Such requirements are directed to protect supplier, forwarder and customer rights at the same time.

Forwarder aims

Because of numerous demands to the international container transportation the forwarder has a lot of tasks and obligations:

  • During the preparation step the forwarder should check the container and make sure that its condition is appropriate for the concrete goods transportation. Only after that it can be used for transportation.
  • The forwarder should control the loading process and keep attention to the fastening and strengthening of the cargo in the container to avoid its damage. 
  • The forwarder prepares documents for the carrier. First of all packing list that contains supplier and consignee information also information about the cargo etc.
  • The forwarder is also in charge for container tracking and information about cargo condition during the delivery.

   Custom Convention fixes some requirements to the container transportation. The cargo owner and the company which owns containers should be registered in the country where the good is going to. Also they should assist Customs in providing useful information about the good. In case of breaking the law the sides must pay customs fee.

Thanks to the container transportation advantages this kind of delivery is getting more and more popularity among customers for the transportation of various goods.