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International Freight Services

LLC Mosalians offers cargo delivery from different countries

such as China, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and European countries to any city in Russia. Company carries out the delivery of any cargo type: oversized, large-sized,light, general, LCL cargo, perishable, dry, as well as cars, trucks, special machinery and equipment.

   Offices and warehouses all around Russia and in cities of China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen) allow delivering goods in time and with reasonable price conditions. 

мультимодальные перевозки из Китая, США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, Тайваня

        Related services:

  1.    Sourcing
    in different countries, negotiating with factories\suppliers, focusing on good quality and reasonable prices.

  2.    Consolidation and delivery of LCL cargo
    from different countries. Own warehouses, experienced logistics specialists and warehouse workers are the reason of high level of consolidated shipments.   

  3.    Our own warehouses provide safe custody of goods
    Warehouses equipped with special warehouse equipment for safe and fast loading\unloading, necessary processing, packaging and marking of goods.   

  4.   Monitoring during all phases of transportation
    Wherever your cargo is, managers of our company know the location of your goods and always ready to inform you about it. 

  5.   Customs clearance
    Customs clearing services, cost estimating and calculation of customs dues, preparation of customs declarations etc.Information about tariffs, any kind of requirements, peculiarities of various authorities work is basis of rapid and qualitative customs clearance.

  6.   Cargo insurance
    Cargo insurance makes sure that neither the weather nor any difficulties caused bythe third parties will not leave you without compensation in case of cargo damage. “Mosalians” offers a range of insurance options.

  7.   Freight
    Contractswithshippingcompaniesallowreducingfreightratesforcustomers. Special attention is paid to Asian destinations, that’s why sea freight services from China are the most optimized and worked out.

                “Door to door” and “door to warehouse” delivery with complete package of documents.

 In order to build strong partnerships we constantly strive to reduce rates for all services, for transportation as well as for related services. Any kind of transportation of any cargo type implies the highest level of organization and safety, including, if necessary, transshipment of loaded containers.

   We recommend you to contact the specialists of Mosalians Company - we organize international freight and offer the best rates. Mutually beneficial cooperation between our and your company improves efficiency of your business promote and its development.