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Cargo Consolidation

  In the system of international transportation LCL is a leader. It is available not only for corporate body and heavy customers, but also for individuals and companies who transport small sized cargo. So that, companies who can’t fill the whole container, now can only pay for the part of it.

LCL is the most important achievement in the field of transportation!

LCL is:

  • Cost saving!
    Now there’s no need to pay for the whole container space, just for the part you use..
  • Fast delivery!
    Well organized work and big amount of clients let us fill in the container space really fast.
  • Safety of cargo!
    Container shipping has always been safety.

Main part of LCL transportation is consolidation of separated groups of cargo.

   Consolidation of cargo is collecting and keeping small batches of cargo at the warehouse in order of following combined transportation.  Properconsolidationmeans:  
 - Fast shipping;
 - Safe transportation at all stages;
 - Saving money.

   LLC Mosalians offers high class consolidation service, professionals, good machinery which meet all modern requirements and standards of the storage of goods and owns warehouses. 

Consolidation stages:

1.    Receiving cargo from client
Client can deliver his cargo to the warehouse himself.

2.    Packing cargo
Observe all the rules of packing, which eliminate the chance of damaging cargo and provides safe delivery.

3.    Сalibration
Determination of exact weight of cargo. We use precision equipment, also measure high, wide and volume of cargo. Thismeasuresaffecttheprice.

4.    Sorting of LCL
 The main stage of consolidation: placing all the cargo in one transport and form groups of same quality goods; separation of goods depending on the direction of delivery.

Specialists in LLC Mosalians really quickly form consignment and plan the route.

If you are interested in LCL transportation, just call us! Looking forward to the long-term cooperation.

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