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Less than container shipment (LCL)

 LCL (less than full container load) – is the best offer!

 LLC Mosaliansrealize high quality transportation of both large and small size loads. Small loads or loads insufficient to a standard container are not able to fill it completely. In many cases transportation of products do not imply overall and quantitative transportation, and it’s  financially unprofitable to pay for the whole container.

    Focusing on the customers wishes to transport small sized cargo and understanding that it’s complicated for the company to find someone to share container space, LLC Mosalians offers LCL (less than full container load). In case of LCL transportation the cost is distributed among entrepreneurs who fill the container. Each of them pays for the booked part of container and not for the whole space. Lots of entrepreneurs use this service in order not to pay for empty space.

Transportation of LCL is a promising and profitable service.


Cargo consolidation

    If it’s profitable for the company to use LCL transportation, so there’s always a question how exactly happens filling of the container. We use consolidation for it. Consolidation of cargo is collecting and keeping small batches of cargo at the warehouse. After collection of whole batches is finished and container is full, it goes straight to the final destination. LLC Mosalians has its own consolidation warehouses in different parts of the world, which equipped with good machinery, meet all modern requirements and standards of the storage of goods.

   Consolidation and transportation LCL helps to cut in expenditure for transportation of small sized cargo. LLC Mosalians is improving LCL transportation, shorten delivery time and financial expenditures.

Грузоперевозки из Китая
LCL transportation from China

   Due to development of trade cooperation between Russia and South-East Asia, especially China, the prospects and benefits are obvious. The amount of imports is growing rapidly. Also the demand for delivery of goods manufactured in China growing fast. China - is the largest manufacturer and supplier of almost all goods.


   LLC Mosaliansmore than a year has been successfully producing freight from China.  Representatives in China: Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen help to reduce time and cost of transportation, also carefully control shipment of cargo to Russia. LLC Mosalians offers the list of services for clients, who plan to start business with Chinese manufacturers.

Following services in China           

  • Searching for the product and gathering information about manufacturer;
  • Arranging connections with Chinese suppliers;
  • Negotiating, optimization of prices;
  • Negotiating and controlling a contract;
  • Quality control of production and shipment;
  • Transportation within china;
  • Accompany at exhibitions and factories;
  • Delivery of samples and product catalogs;
  •  Services of our representatives in China.


   LLC Mosalians offers high quality cargo transportation from china with the safety guaranty and in time delivery of the cargo. With LCL transportation shipping became way cheaper!!


If you are interested in LCL transportation, just call us! Looking forward to the long-term cooperation.


We accept the cargo size starting with 5 kl!

контейнерные грузоперевозки из Китая, США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, Тайваня

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