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   If you need to import some goods from abroad, so the first stage is to find it in the exporting country. Of course you can find goods by yourself, but if you don’t have any relations or partners in some other country, so this procedure can last really long time, and cost you a lot. We are – LLC Mosaliansoffering you our services in searching goods or factories. By trusting us in this difficult question, you release yourself.  Our specialists, who have good and trustable connection, can help you choose goods and factory abroad.  
  Goods selected by our representatives in different countries meet all the requirements, both in price and quality.   

We are looking for goods for both for corporate body and individuals.

Поиск, подбор товаров в Китае,США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, Тайване

The procedure of searching

   Because of the fact that biggest part of cargo transportation goes from china, so we have our representatives in Hongkong, Shanghai and Shenzhen, who realize negotiations with manufactories, help to select the best price and needed quality of goods. In certain conditions there’s a possibility of going to china or other countries in order to discuss the conditions of purchasing goods or placing orders with factories.


What do we need to know for selection of the right product:

  1. Name of product
  2. The amount of goods (depends on method of transportation in Russia);
  3. The amount of trial consignment (if needed).

 The price for the service of looking for product or factory depends on above-listed factors. So that the price for each client will be different.

Calculate the cost of delivery of the goods,,
you can fill out an online application on our website.