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Customs clearance

   Going through the custom control is a pretty complicated process, which includes staying in a line, observe all the rules, so it means if you want to deal with it you need to have special education. Communication with customs officer can take a long time. For those people who specialize in all the laws and rules this process will not be a problem. But where can you get uitable information. LLC Mosalians offers its services in dealing with custom control and filling all the forms and getting customs clearance: preparation of documents, information,passage of goods through customs and legal clearance. Information and experience let us do it really quickly.


    In the carriage of goods from abroad you will certainly come across a clearance of goods at the customs office. List of operations at customs:

  •      Preliminary analysis and approval ofdocuments with the customs authorities;
  •      Identification of HS code;
  •      Calculation and payment of customs duties;
  •      Execution of customs declaration;
  •      Going through all customs inspections;
  •      Passing cargo through the customs treatment; 
  •      Providing a set of accounting documents;

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How much doescustoms clearance cost?

   The tine and price of customs clearance depends of exporting country, type and size of cargo. Time and quality of custom clearance depends on experience of people.

    LLC Mosalians is a group of professionals. We have a great experience in this sphere, our specialists can solve all the problems with customs service. Company offers customs clearance of cargo delivered from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Japan, Korea and USA.

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