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     Доставка грузов из Китая, США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, ТайваняLLC Mosalians offers services of delivering from such countries as China, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea and Europe countries. We deliver bulky, heavy, oversized, general and LCL cargo. For consolidated cargo shipment we except goods with weight no less than 5 kg. Representative offices and warehouses everywhere in Russia allow us to deliver your goods in time to any part of the country efficiently andwith reasonable prices.


   Managers of Mosalians Company provide professional services for you, offer optimal logistics scheme.

Why to choose “Mosalians”?

The answer is easy:  

  • Constant pursuit to reduce transport services rates;
  • The specified time of the freight always remain unchanged;
  • Our work is based on the principle “all inclusive”, we ship the cargo “from door to door”;
  • Consolidation and storage in the specially equipped warehouses;
  • Customs clearance and the providing of all necessary documents;
  • Various conditions of cargo insurance;
  • Logistics schemes are selected individually for each client, depending on terms of delivery and personal wishes;
  • Company guarantees safety of the cargo at any stage of shipment, including reloading the cargo from one type of transport to another;
  • Informing about the condition and location of the cargo at any stage of shipment;
  • The cargo is delivered to our owned warehouses, which locates all around Russia;
  • Providing services of cars and special equipment delivery.

Перевозка грузов из Китая, США, Японии, Ю.Кореи, Тайваня

In order to develop optimum terms and conditions of delivery should know the following information:

terms of delivery;
departure route;
quantity and dimension of the goods;
type of the transport 

Providing professional transportation services, we offer:

  •   Choosing the best route and rendering its value
  •   Selecting delivery transport according to the cargo specification
  •   The timely shipment of the cargo
  •   Monitoring at any period of shipment
  •    Supplying best transportation
  •    “Door to door” delivery
  •     Delivery from any country
  •     Customs clearance


As a result customer gets the cargo with all the documents at the place of destination.



 Sea freight is the main and sometimes the only possible way of transportation, which is relatively inexpensive. It takes more time, but there will be no problems if you adjust the process of the sea freight delivery. One of the main advantages is possibility to ship any type of cargo of any measurements.



Railway is one more option of cargo transportation, which is a fast, affordable, and reliable. Weather conditions do not affect it at all. The advantage of railway freight is certain stability in dispatching the cargo. The feature of railway freight is the longer route of transportation is, the cheaper it costs.



Air transportation is the fastest way to deliver cargo. It’s also most reliable, and secure. The transportation time will be counted in days or weeks, which can reduce the probability of damaging the cargo. But because of the terms of transportation, this type can be quite expensive.



    Road transportation is one of the most affordable and fast type of transportation. This method gives the opportunity to deliver cargo straight to the final destination point. Cargo is car carried out by modern cars, so size of cargo and quality won’t be a problem.

   If you are planning to organize cargo transportation from China, USA, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan or some European countries and if you want to get quick delivery, professional customs clearing, competitive rates and good quality service, so We recommend you to contact specialists of “Mosalians” company.

Cargo transportation from China

   Cargo transportation from China can be carried out by air and by sea. The procedure of full custom and legal clearance of the cargo will be taken in Vladivostok. Knowing of all the information about tariffs and requirements gives an opportunity to go fast through custom clearance. When all the importation completed, cargo will be sent to the final destination in any region of Russia by railway or road. The delivery of cargo will be carried “from door to door” with the full package of supporting documents.


   We would like to offer you our services like searching and selection of products in china and other countries, also negotiations with factories. We are choosing most acceptable prices and good quality of product.

We keep all the cargo on company’s warehouse, which is well equipped for quick lading, also there can be made the necessary processing, packaging and marking.


If you want to save on freighting and get the high quality organization of goods delivery ,we are waiting for your calls.


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